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 +In some states, traffic infractions turn into criminal offenses very quickly. Take Virginia, for example. [[http://www.FairfaxCountyRecklessDriving.com|Virginia reckless driving ]]is a criminal offense, not just any offense, either. It is a Class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by a sentence of 12 months confinement and/or a $2,500 fine. What is reckless driving in Virginia? There are over a dozen reckless laws, but perhaps the most common is due to speed. If you are caught speeding 20 mph over the limit, or in excess of 80 mph, you will face a reckless charge.
 +One important consideration other than the seriousness of this offense absent other circumstnaces, is the effect on society and the economy when people are taken into custody due to a violation of probation. Since reckless driving is a criminal offense, a conviction could be very problematic for obvious reasons.
 +Is speeding 20 mph over the limit something we want to be allowing to crowd our jails, hold back people who want to work, and separate loved one's from family members? People make mistakes, but the role penal statutes play when non violent offenders violate probation for non violent crimes must be something the legal community begins to seriously look at.